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Couple making a cheese plate in the kitchen in a farmhouse

Cooking Therapy Saved Us All

Cooking, or “culinary therapy,” became a lifeline for many of us during the pandemic.
Close-up of young woman visiting general practitioner due to soreness and pain in her throat. The doctor is touching her neck to see if there are any swollen glands

Learning to Listen to Your Thyroid

This important gland can send off signals women often miss.
Woman looking at large stomach in mirror

Why Do I Look Pregnant When I’m Not?

The top reasons you’re experiencing extreme bloating, according to a doc.
Fried Eggs in Basil Pesto with Toast
A young boy doing his school work in bed while school is on a break.

How to Help Kids Return to Healthy Habits

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s wellbeing, here’s how to help your kids regain theirs.
Top view of a sick woman sleeping in her bed. Young african woman taking rest in her bed at home.
Young Asian woman lying on the bed enjoying the weekend, watching movie on laptop and eating popcorn at home in the evening

Are You Suffering From Revenge Bedtime Procrastination? Here’s How to Fight It

To reverse the negative impact of sleeplessness, consider making lifestyle changes.
Sunscreen lotion over tan woman belly skin made as sun shape

What Is the Sunscreen Contour Trend?

Here’s why you shouldn’t tan your way to defined abs.
Holistic healing as man soul meditation and inner peace tiny person concept. Healthy male relaxation as body and mind treatment vector illustration. Spiritual wellness lifestyle with yoga harmony.

How to Incorporate Breathwork Into Your Day

Breathwork plays a big role in bringing more peace and balance to our fast-paced world.
Manual breast pump on blue and pink background with hard shadows.

Is Exclusive Pumping the Same as Breastfeeding?

Plus, tips on making it easier for exclusively pumping mamas.
Portrait of young woman with sleep mask in bed