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Fall Nail Art Trends: How to Elevate Your Manicure This Season

You feel the heavy influence of the early 2000s and we're not mad about it.
close up of Rainbow Iridescent Manicure

Time to Get Your Nails On-Trend for Fall

It’s time to soak off those summery neons, pastels, and jelly tips.
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Welcome to the Era of Extreme Beauty

From airbrushed skin to embellished cat eyes to bleached brows.
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8 Pastel Nail Looks to Wear All Summer Long

Guaranteed to put your in a good mood.
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Not Your ’80s Press-Ons: Why the Press-On Manicure Trend Is a Must-Try

A look into the history of press-on nails and their revival.
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21 of the Best Easter Nail Looks of 2022

There’s nothing quite like a cute Easter manicure.
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Woman's hands with color nails holding cup

New Spring Nail Polishes to Buy Now

Waggle those digits in delight!
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Need Inspo for Thanksgiving Nails?

Here are Instagram’s 20 best #turkeydaynails.

The Best Halloween Nail Looks for 2021

Even if you're not going out this year, you can still be festive.