Got acne? You’re not alone. Get the facts about acne and help for your skincare needs in this collection of posts full of acne tips and treatments.

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Bye, Boobne: 7 Ways to Prevent and Treat Under-Boob Acne

It's a common area where bacteria and sweat clog up pores.
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“Getting Acne In My 40s Helped Transform Me”

A lesson in surrender and self-acceptance.
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Why Acne Positivity Shouldn’t Be Your Skincare Goal

Our writer makes a case for acne neutrality.
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Common Types of Acne Scars and How to Treat Them

Pimples come and go — though acne scars seem to stay forever. But do they have to?
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Has the Pandemic Given You Adult Acne? You Aren’t Alone

Derms say COVID-19 provided a perfect storm for pimples.
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Pregnancy-Safe Ways to Heal Acne Scars

Here's where to turn when retinol is off the table.
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Why Are Kids Getting Acne at Younger and Younger Ages?

Children are entering puberty earlier than ever before — and it's taking a toll on their skin.
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Should Teen Acne and Adult Acne be Treated Differently?

How to get a clean complexion, regardless of age.
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3 Dermatologists Reveal How to Prevent and Treat Adult Acne

Five major triggers for adult acne — and how to treat it.
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How to Get Rid of Butt Acne

It can be a big pain in the, um, butt.