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Macaela Mackenzie

Macaela MacKenzie is a writer and editor specializing in wellness and beauty. She writes about self-care, mental health, fertility, and women's equality. Macaela has over 2,000 bylines for outlets including Glamour, Allure, Marie Claire, Elle, Women's Health, SELF, SHAPE, and Forbes. She's currently working on her first book on equal pay and women's equality in sports.
illustration of dermatologists injecting face

What to Know About PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) Injections

Are blood-based fillers the key to rejuvenating your skin? We asked the experts. 
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Sunday Riley Enters a New Era with Downton Abbey

In honor of our new partnership with the Downtown Abbey: A New Era film, we threw a party, of course
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How to Repair Your Skin Barrier from Winter Damage

Dermatologists share how to make sure your skin is in peak health before showing it off for summer.
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How to Know When It’s Time to See a Therapist

In case you constantly feel on edge.
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Relaxed man listening to music at home
hands with nail art touching flowers
woman opening curtains to a morning view
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Assisted Stretching Is the Best Thing I’ve Done for My Body

A new crop of spa-meets-fitness treatments are revolutionizing the way we think about wellness.
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How to Care for Your Low Porosity Hair (And How to Tell if You Have It)

Your guide to managing hard-to-moisturize strands.
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Everything You Need to Know About Your Scalp Microbiome

How to keep your scalp and hair healthy.
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How Long Does It Take Eyebrows to Grow Back?

Your overplucking questions answered.