The right hair care can make all the difference to your look. See how to solve common hair issues (like hair loss) and find the right hair and scalp care for you.

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Combat Winter Dryness With These Oh-So-Good Deep Conditioners

Winter-proof hair tips, courtesy of the experts.
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Why You Should Sun-Proof Your Hair and Scalp Even in Fall

The hair and scalp can experience sun damage all year round.
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Co-washing and Detergent-free Washing Explained, Tried and Tested

It is taking shampoo out of your wash routine and just using conditioner.
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What’s My Hair Type Anyway?

A comprehensive guide to understanding your curl pattern.
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The Best Curly Hair Products, According to Beauty Editors

From embracing natural texture to deep moisturizers.

Is It COVID’s Fault That I’m Losing My Hair?

There are multiple ways that you can prevent further hair loss from happening.
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