Sex-care is the new self-care. And the Sunday Edit is here to help! From sex-positive podcasts to sexuality doulas, we are starting the conversation.

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Pro Tips on How to Clean and Care For Your Sex Toys

An important step to warding off infections and keeping your toys in their best shape.
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Trying to Conceive? Avoid This Common Mistake

What’s lube got to do with it? Experts say perhaps a lot more than you think.

Sex-Ed Should Be For Everyone: Why the Curriculum Is Overdue for Change

We all need more inclusive language and education about gender, sexual identities, and STIs.
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6 Tweaks to Your Morning Routine to Improve Your Sex Life

Couples might be having less than ever. A sexolgist weighs in.
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Times When It’s Completely Normal to Not Have a Sex Drive

The better the sex we have, the more sex we want.
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How to Get Your Libido Back If You Have Quarantine Burnout?

Stress is a huge wet blanket for our sex drive.
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Best Last Minute Sex Wellness Gifts

Happy St. Valentine's Day!
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The Positive Sex Platforms Aiming To Close The Pleasure Gap

Female sexuality isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s a fire to be stoked.