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woman doing yoga at home

Why Stretching Should Be Your New Non-Negotiable

Offering a galore of mind and body benefits, it is far more than just a post-workout activity.

How to Safely Start Working Out Again

That first workout back is going to be hard.

How My At-Home SoulCycle Bike Helped Me Love Fitness Again

Bring the magic of studio classes to your home.

Should You Snack After Exercise?

How essential is it to snack after exercise and if so, what should we be eating?
Megan Roup working out pregnant with pink weights

Megan Roup on Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Working Out

The Sculpt Society founder has been incredibly open about her pregnancy and postpartum journey.
graphic composition of health and fitness iconic imagery portraying the concept of the health and fitness industry or practice

What Is “Dry Scooping” and Why Experts Warn Never to Try It

This TikTok trend isn’t as harmless as it looks on the videos.
Stylish brunette woman walking with black dachshund among the pastel columns.

The Power of Incidental Exercise

It’s a win-win situation for your health and your schedule.
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Crop anonymous client lying on table and getting massage from professional therapist at spa salon

Your Guide to Lymphatic Massage

Be consistent for the best results.