Authored by Jessie Quinn

Jessie Quinn

Jessie Quinn is a writer, editor, and Reiki Master with work published in a variety of health and beauty publications. When she is not writing and editing, she is busy sending good vibes to her Moodrie Reiki clients and snuggling her pug, Daphne.
woman on a picnic

How Picnics Can Boost Your Mental Health

We love a good charcuterie board, but it turns out there are even more benefits to picnicing.
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How Crafting Saved My Mental Health

How crafting helps one writer cope with her ongoing anxiety.
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Toiletries made from Bamboo, Wood, Cotton Plant and Hemp: hairbrush, soap bar. Face Serum, Essential Oil on Light Green Colored Background

How to Tell If It’s Time for a New Hairbrush

Plus, how to care for your hairbrush.
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Spring Cleaning: Chic Solutions for Organizing Your Beauty Arsenal

Start by going through your products and setting aside the ones you don’t use.
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What Houseplants You Should Buy, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Up ahead, we break down the best houseplants according to your zodiac sign.
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woman pink leggings and a T-shirt is engaged in outdoor sports among flowering trees
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