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Turns Out You Can Be Allergic to the Sun (and What to Do About It)

But don't panic: It's still possible to enjoy some rays.
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The Worst Skincare Advice Your Derm Wants You to Stop Believing, Stat

We asked dermatologists to reveal some of the most common skincare myths.
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Buzzy Skincare Ingredients We Predict Will Steal the Spotlight

We reached out to skin pros to find out which new skincare ingredients are worth trying.
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Got a Skin Concern? There’s a Face Oil For That

Whether you want to get brighter, tighter, clearer, or smoother, there’s a face oil for you. 
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Common Types of Acne Scars and How to Treat Them

Pimples come and go — though acne scars seem to stay forever. But do they have to?
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