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Woman applying skin face cream

Derm-Approved Ways to Combat Skin Inflammation

Inflammed skin is sensitive — here are the healthy habits to maintain.
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How to Brighten Dark Circles Caused by Sun Exposure

They have to do with more than late nights.
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Has the Pandemic Given You Adult Acne? You Aren’t Alone

Derms say COVID-19 provided a perfect storm for pimples.
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The Best Ways to Treat Mosquito Bites, Ranked by a Derm

Reduce itching and swelling in no time.
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Pregnancy-Safe Ways to Heal Acne Scars

Here's where to turn when retinol is off the table.
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All the Skin-Smoothing Secrets You Need for Summer

Chafing, eczema, KP—we’ve got you covered.
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5 Common Habits That Might Be Hurting Your Skin

"Harmless" beauty habits to look out for.
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Head-to-Toe Tips For Combatting Chlorine This Summer

We dive in (pun, intended) on how to combat chlorine's effects on your hair and skin.
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Why Are Kids Getting Acne at Younger and Younger Ages?

Children are entering puberty earlier than ever before — and it's taking a toll on their skin.