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Interior of cozy bedroom at home

Eco-Friendly Ways to Summer-Proof Your Home

From choosing the right breathable fabric for your sheets to opting for a more energy-efficient A/C.
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8 Must-Have Items for the Perfect Memorial Day BBQ

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Spring Cleaning: Chic Solutions for Organizing Your Beauty Arsenal

Start by going through your products and setting aside the ones you don’t use.
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Eco brushes, sponges and rag in cleaning basket
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Fresh fruits and vegetables in reusable bags on kitchen

7 Kitchen Gadgets and Tools That Simplify Healthy Eating

You’ll wonder how you cooked without them.
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Here’s How to Create an At-Home Meditation Space for Your Practice

From staples like pillows, mats, and crystals to wellness-inspired home decor items.

Feng Shui Is Like Chakra-Balancing For Your Home

Like the body, our homes are also believed to have energy centers.

How to Make a DIY Winter Wreath for Your Front Door

This DIY winter wreath should last you the whole season.

5 Viral Cleaning Hacks We’re All About

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