Authored by Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett is a British journalist, copywriter and trend reporter based in Barcelona. She covers beauty, health, travel, culture and sustainability for titles including ELLE, Grazia, Refinery 29 and Women's Health.
collage of London cityscape over map illustration

The Sunday Edit’s Travel Guide to London

Your all-in-one London travel guide.
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How to Share a Bed Successfully as a Couple

Differing sleep habits don't necessarily mean you need to resort to a lifetime of separate bedrooms.
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How to Cope with Small ‘t’ Trauma

Understanding big 'T' versus small 't' trauma.
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How to Buy Eco-Friendly Wine

Buy from winemakers that have made a conscious effort to reduce their carbon emissions.
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Everything You Need to Know About Bridgerton Season 2

Thanks to the OTT looks spotted on the show, ‘Regencycore’ is trending.
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The Best Financial Well-Being Apps

Mobile banking apps have become prolific over the last ten years.
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How to Stop People-Pleasing

What drives people-pleasing?
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Eco brushes, sponges and rag in cleaning basket
flatlay of fresh vegetables, mushrooms and bread from a farmer's market, using cloth bags instead of plastic
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How to Make a Financial Budget

Getting in control of your money is one of the best things you can do for your confidence.