Authored by Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett is a British journalist, copywriter and trend reporter based in Barcelona. She covers beauty, health, travel, culture and sustainability for titles including ELLE, Grazia, Refinery 29 and Women's Health.
Diverse Women Together

How to Keep Long-Distance Friendships Alive

It takes time, effort and work.
Portrait of a beautiful woman looking straight to the camera with her hands touching her face.
Group of young adults, photographed from above, on various painted tarmac surface, at sunrise.

How to Deal With Redundancy

It often marks the beginning of an exciting new career chapter.
a woman using skin care products

The 3 Active Ingredients Every Healthy Skincare Routine Needs

Spoilers: retinols and acids top the list—here’s why.
Winter days. Woman Using Her Phone On The Beach.
Naked Woman Lie On Bed

The Positive Sex Platforms Aiming To Close The Pleasure Gap

Female sexuality isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s a fire to be stoked.
Sad Woman In Hotel Hallway

The Power of Leaning Into Uncertainty

Certainty is an illusion and as the platitude goes: the only certainty is change.
Woman Sitting On The Floor With Laptop And Drinking Coffee
Manipulated keyboard, spelling "deadlines, no stress, breathe".
Tomatoes, kale, micro green sprouts, salmon, olive oil, lentils, spirulina, yogurt, nuts, onions, sweet potato, etc.

The Hormone Diet: What’s With the Craze?

We find out if you can “fix” your hormones to lose weight.
Crystals on a pink wooden surface.

Is There a Sustainable Way to Shop for Healing Crystals?

It's important to trace where your healing crystals have come from.