Authored by Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett is a British journalist, copywriter and trend reporter based in Barcelona. She covers beauty, health, travel, culture and sustainability for titles including ELLE, Grazia, Refinery 29 and Women's Health.
Cheerful black female with under eye patches smiling and taking selfie during skincare procedure in salon
Blonde girl in blue bikini at beach in full sun in summer with a sunglasses and rainbow towel

Can You Eat Your SPF?

Remember to always use sufficient sun protection.
Store window of a psychic parlor in the East Village, Manhattan, New York City

Astrology as Self-Discovery Tool

It offers time to reflect, explore and think about how you want to live your life moving forward.

Why Befriending People of Different Ages is Vital in an Ageist Society

Mixing with different groups helps to break down stereotypes and decreases issues such as ageism.
Two female hands holding light blue bodysuit decorated with small purple flowers close up shot

The Best Eco-friendly Underwear Brands to Shop

Making green choices for your lingerie is getting easier.
shape of face outlined by a long pencil that has the middle of the pencil tangled and knotted into a large messy ball depicting mental issues such as writers block or dyslexia

How to Deal With Brain Fog

Stress can definitely play a part.
Close-up of female therapist giving ear massage to woman in health spa

How to Recognize and Deal With High-Functioning Anxiety

What sets high-functioning anxiety apart is the person’s ability to function.
Portrait of young hispanic woman

How to Deal With Difficult Conversations at Work

Tricky conversations are commonplace in the workplace.
Handsome asian man ready for training. He is watching his watch. He is wearing sportswear. Fitness, workout, sport, lifestyle concept.

Do You Need a Stress Tracker?

Stress levels in the US are some of the highest in the world.
Portrait of couple kissing while hidden behind bouquet of flowers

How to Make Online Dating More Efficient

Don’t stay on dates that don’t feel right. 
Concept of growth, investment, development. Created with everyday objects.

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Finances

Does your bank invest in businesses that align with your values?