Wellness stars from within. We truly are what we eat, and at Sunday Edit we talk about the foods that will help us achieve the best health possible. Here, you can learn all about intermittent fasting, veganism, and healthy practices to integrate into your life, to name a few.

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Flu Season Is Coming: How to Boost Your Immune System with Your Diet

What to pack your plate with ahead of the winter flu season.
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Here’s How to Tell If You’re Unintentionally Overeating

Signs you might be overeating at mealtime and how to get back on track.
Various vegetarian ingredients: sweet potato slices, red onion, tomatoes, herbs and spices in bowls.
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Are Those “Natural Flavors” in Your Favorite Drinks Actually Good For You?

It could be calorie- and sugar-free, but experts say there's something else to consider.
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Everything You Need to Know About Postbiotics

Postbiotics, although lesser known, can help give your gut health a boost.
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5 Everyday Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Gut Health

A few ways your daily habits could be sabotaging your gut health.
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Yes, You Probably Need to Eat More Vegetables

Straightforward tips for upping your veggie intake.
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7 Best Foods to Help You Debloat

We certainly shouldn’t cut calories or meals altogether to keep our bloating to a minimum.