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Mika is a New York City-based lifestyle + beauty blogger and freelance writer. When she’s not blogging to her life's content on, she’s writing groundbreaking freelance pieces for some pretty dope digital publications — including STYLECASTER and HelloGiggles — or copywriting for some of your favorite household brands.
woman applying lotion to her arm in studio

Active Ingredients Every Bodycare Routine Needs

After all, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin aren't just concerns that are for your face.
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Pro Tips on How to Clean and Care For Your Sex Toys

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The Best Wide Calf Boots to Wear This Season

Here are the best of the best.
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6 Tweaks to Your Morning Routine to Improve Your Sex Life

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Men Are Missing in the Body Positivity Movement

Two influencers sound off on why men also need to be a part of the conversation, too.
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Throw in the Towel: Are Wash Clothes Causing You to Breakout?

So what's the deal with bath linen and breakouts?
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Green cosmetic clay (cucumber facial mask, avocado face cream, green tea body wrap) texture close up, selective focus. Abstract background with brush strokes

Niacinamide: The Buzzword on Twitter That Helped My Acne

Could it replace my prescription skincare?
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