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Cosmetologist does prp therapy anti wrinkle and aging skin on the face of a beautiful woman in a beauty salon. Cosmetology concept.

“I Tried Dysport to Treat My TMJ — and It Worked.”

Better symptoms, less grinding, and a slimmer face? I was sold.
Overhead view of birman cat sleeping in bidet.

Why You May Want to Breakup With Toilet Paper for a Bidet

Everything you’ve been wanting to ask about bidets, answered.

Functional Drinks: Friend or Foe?

Overconsumption may be an issue.
Young woman analyzing bills while writing in diary. Beautiful female is using digital tablet at table. She is sitting on sofa at home.

How to Improve Your Posture After a Year of Working from Home

The more you focus on improving your posture now, the fewer back problems you’ll have down the line.
Asian pregnant woman grocery shopping at the vegetable aisle in supermarket
Close up of a Gen Z teenager eating a hamburger in her car, biting it aggressively.

Should You Try Carb Cycling?

It can teach you what your body likes — and doesn’t like. 
Woman showing a cesarean section scar on her belly
Woman doing a Vegan pic-nic outdoor, enjoying a sunny day with natural hand made vegan food.
Different Types Of Sugar
Mother Standing By Her Baby

10 Things First-Time Moms Should Know, According to Actual First-Time Moms

'It's okay to let go of the perfect birth you had in mind.'
Autumnal salad with fried pumpkin, lentils, radicchio, pomegranate seeds, leaf salad and parsley with dressing (Autumnal salad with fried pumpkin, lentils, radicchio, pomegranate seeds, leaf salad and parsley with dressing, ASCII, 111 components, 111

How “Fascia Foods” Can Decrease Pain and Help You Feel Your Best

When things just don’t “feel right,” it might be a weakened fascia.
Eating Healthy At Restaurant

How to Safely Cleanse Your Gut

Most of the changes you can make tomorrow.