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9 Easy Habits to Improve Your Bowel Movements

Let’s get to the bottom of bettering your digestive health.
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You’re Vaccinated — Now What?

Nearly half of the U.S. population has already received at least their first dose.
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How to Give Yourself a Skin Check at Home

Follow these steps recommended by dermatologists to examine your skin effectively. 

How The Pandemic Has Changed Family Planning Timelines

Three women explain how Covid changed their plans.

5 Non-Hormonal Birth Control Options to Reclaim Your Sex Life

Not all women can (or want) to use hormones — here are a few alternatives.
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Can You Eat Your SPF?

Remember to always use sufficient sun protection.
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Your Guide to Lymphatic Massage

Be consistent for the best results.

Unlocking Your Body and Mind’s Potential with Better Alignment

Wellness educator Lauren Roxburgh shares her best secrets.

Could a Food Sensitivity Test Solve My Life-Long IBS?

A writer discovers how to eliminate bloating, gas, and stomach pain once and for all.