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woman in room with sun in her face

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency can have long-term consequences for your health, while SAD is a mood disorder.
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still life of activated charcoal tablets

Is This Your New Year’s Day Hangover Cure?

The experts weigh in on activated charcoal.
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woman drinking detox juice with straw on blue wall

Eating Disorders Are on the Rise in Kids: Here’s What You Need to Know

How to pay attention and get your child help as soon as possible.

How to Have an Alcohol-Free Holiday

This period of social distancing has given us a lot of perspective on our drinking habits.

The Myth of ‘Dead Vagina Syndrome’

Some internet rumors just won’t die. So, we asked a gynecologist to set the record straight.

Young Adults Might Need to Start Worrying About High Cholesterol

High cholesterol in your ‘30s could be a red flag for heart disease later in life.

Food Additives: Fine or Worrying?

Are emulsifiers and antioxidants on a food label good or bad?

How Working With a Health Coach Was the Best Gift I’ve Given Myself

'Even 5 minutes a day was enough to see a drastic change in my energy and stress levels.'