Health and wellness go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other. So, we have dedicated a whole section of Sunday Edit to fitness tips and nutrition tricks. Discover wholesome recipes and epic workouts to help you to be your best self!

A woman breastfeeding her baby.
Female doctor injecting a syringe into a woman's shoulder.
Albert Einstein sticks out his tongue on his 72nd birthday, March 14, 1951.
Top view of various pills and tablets on a pink background.

6 Ingredients to Look For In Your Multi-Vitamin

Learn how to know if your multivitamin contains the right ingredients.
Overhead shot of the words, Tea Time, written with dry tea leaves and surrounded by cups filled with multicolor teas.
A woman with a glass of water leaning on table in stylish room.

Challenge Yourself to Drink More Water — Here Are Some Simple Hacks

Do you know how bad dehydration is for you and your skin?
A black pug yawning.

Why Dog Kisses Are Good for Our Microbiomes

As if we needed another excuse to love dogs.
A cup of tea on a wooden table.

Drink Your Way To Glowing Skin

More than just water — eight drinks that guarantee glowing skin.
Close-up of unrecognizable woman with short hair touching strap of black lace bra while lying in sunlight.
A small cat in a pink rolled up yoga mat.

How to Properly Clean Your Yoga Mat

A toned body, emotional wellbeing and acne — the joys and horrors of yoga class.
Mindy Kaling and Laura Dern in a scene from The Mindy Project.

7 Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore in Your 30s

Is there a difference between memory lapses and forgetting your keys?
A pensive black woman in an orange hoodie holding her hands above her head and looking down.