Mental health — nothing else matters without it. Your mind needs love just like the rest of you. In this section, we dive into how to care for your mental health and create more peace in your life.

6 TikTok Accounts to Follow If You’re a Mid-Size Queen

'You don’t have to be a size 2 to be beautiful'.

‘Pandemic Taught Me to Love My Makeup-Free Face’

Your skin can readjust to its natural balance.

5 Signs a Friend Could Use Your Help (And What to Do About It)

How do you know when it’s progressed to something more serious?
Multiethnic best friends portrait looking at camera wearing sunglasses in summer against grey background. Curly hair.
Couple making a cheese plate in the kitchen in a farmhouse

Cooking Therapy Saved Us All

Cooking, or “culinary therapy,” became a lifeline for many of us during the pandemic.
woman holding a tissue in her hand

11 Instagram Accounts to Help You Process Grief

Here are the resources to help you process the many types of trauma we’ve faced over the past year.
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Unhappy Mixed Race woman texting on cell phone
Young female journaling about her struggle with anxiety

How Shadow Work Lead to a More Fulfilling Life

Remember that shadow work is supplemental.
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Kelvin Davis and Denver Sean

Men Are Missing in the Body Positivity Movement

Two influencers sound off on why men also need to be a part of the conversation, too.
Portrait of two female friends with face mask keeping safety distance in Granada, Spain. urban young sweatshirt hood city convid19 "new normality" "social distance" (Portrait of two female friends with face mask keeping safety distance in Granada, Spa