Mental health — nothing else matters without it. Your mind needs love just like the rest of you. In this section, we dive into how to care for your mental health and create more peace in your life.

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I Tried Treating My Anxiety the Ayurvedic Way — Here’s What Happened

This wisdom is thousands of years old, but did it work for my 21st-century brain?
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If Life is Supposed to be Going Back to Normal, Why Do I Still Feel Weird?

Understanding the emotional toll of the past two years so you can give yourself grace.
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4 Ways to Check-In With Yourself

By taking the time to honor your feelings, you can understand them.

The Guide to Dealing With Your Mental Health, Finally

It’s never too late to address your mental health concerns.

Eating Disorders Are on the Rise in Kids: Here’s What You Need to Know

How to pay attention and get your child help as soon as possible.

Why You Should Journal at the End of the Year

'I describe journal writing as the Marie Kondo method for our thoughts and feelings.'

A Simple Plan for Slower Holidays

Here’s a guide to honoring your energy level and having a holiday that fits it.

How to Deal With Anxiety in Pregnancy — and Why It Matters

Here’s the guide to anxiety during pregnancy, from causes to solutions, straight from the experts.