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Eating Disorders Are on the Rise in Kids: Here’s What You Need to Know

How to pay attention and get your child help as soon as possible.

How to Have an Alcohol-Free Holiday

This period of social distancing has given us a lot of perspective on our drinking habits.

Why You Should Journal at the End of the Year

'I describe journal writing as the Marie Kondo method for our thoughts and feelings.'

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Young Adults Might Need to Start Worrying About High Cholesterol

High cholesterol in your ‘30s could be a red flag for heart disease later in life.

Food Additives: Fine or Worrying?

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Your Sign’s 2022 Forecast

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How Working With a Health Coach Was the Best Gift I’ve Given Myself

'Even 5 minutes a day was enough to see a drastic change in my energy and stress levels.'

Why Stretching Should Be Your New Non-Negotiable

Offering a galore of mind and body benefits, it is far more than just a post-workout activity.

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

There are some little things you can do.