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woman eating salad at her desk with laptop and notebook

Here’s How to Tell If You’re Unintentionally Overeating

Signs you might be overeating at mealtime and how to get back on track.
illustration of caring woman breastfeeding her baby

Why Breastfeeding Might Hurt Like Hell — and How to Relieve Pain

From mastitis to thrush to teeth, there are tons of reasons breastfeeding is painful.
Woman Drinking Water from water bottle
Various vegetarian ingredients: sweet potato slices, red onion, tomatoes, herbs and spices in bowls.
group of women laughing at the beach

How to Plan a Wellness-Themed Bachelorette Party

Spa days? Hikes through nature? Smoothies? A wellness bachelorette party is up your alley.
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Green powder, pills and capsules

Why Chlorophyll and Infrared Sauna Is the Ultimate Detox

Why the plant-powered superfood and infrared sauna are a match made in wellness heaven.
portrait of Woman With Water Glass

The Benefits of Drinking Cold vs. Room Temperature Water

Is there a better way to drink water when it comes to temperature?
Swim ring in the shape of a donut with a cocktail

Are Those “Natural Flavors” in Your Favorite Drinks Actually Good For You?

It could be calorie- and sugar-free, but experts say there's something else to consider.
Portrait of Karena Dawn meditating on gradient background

Tone It Up’s Karena Dawn on Mental Health and Giving Herself Grace

She opens up about letting go of guilt and the routines that make her feel centered.
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portrait of man and woman embracing

Why You Need to Complete the ‘Stress Cycle’

Chances are your stress response is chronically activated.