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How ‘Phubbing’ Can Damage Your Relationship

Is checking our phones making our relationships worse?
Megan Roup working out pregnant with pink weights

Megan Roup on Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Working Out

The Sculpt Society founder has been incredibly open about her pregnancy and postpartum journey.
Jar containing wooden sticks with date nights ideas written on them
Pregnant Woman Outdoors

Everything You Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine and Pregnancy

We asked doctors what to know and how to make the decision for yourself. 
Trendy vintage couple with arms wrapped around each other with boyfriend kissing girlfriend's cheek

Love Bombing: Signs to Know and Why It’s Dangerous

Love bombing is one of the cruelest and manipulative tactics in the dating world.
Multiethnic best friends portrait looking at camera wearing sunglasses in summer against grey background. Curly hair.
Woman with her ​​pants stained with blood

5 Women Who Are Normalizing the Conversation Around Your Period

Can we stop calling it “Aunt Flow” for starters?

Your Sign’s September 2021 Tarotscope

The charge is led by the zodiac’s self-contained alchemist, Virgo.
balloon in the shape of the word love on an old tiled floor

The Romantic Guide to Building Relationship Intimacy This Summer

Make sure to carve out time for these special moments.
Beautiful sleeping baby resting her head on her mothers hand. She is relaxed and her hand is touching her mom's hand.
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What Is “Dry Scooping” and Why Experts Warn Never to Try It

This TikTok trend isn’t as harmless as it looks on the videos.
a group of women of different races and skin colors are sitting next to each other dressed in colored underwear and looking at the camera against a gray background