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An anonymous Caucasian woman giving an energy healing (reiki) to her girlfriend that has menstrual pains. Both women are dressed in natural fabrics and wear a mala around their necks. The woman receiving the treatment is holding a crystal in her right hand.
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Store window of a psychic parlor in the East Village, Manhattan, New York City

Astrology as Self-Discovery Tool

It offers time to reflect, explore and think about how you want to live your life moving forward.
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How Your Sign Can Feel More Beautiful This May

The journey begins with a trip to the beauty boudoir.
Close-up of female therapist giving ear massage to woman in health spa
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Your Sign’s Fresh Start for April

Read on for your sign’s fresh start for April and hatch your heated-up magic anew.
Portrait of confident mature woman

Why ‘Confidence’ Is the Word of 2021

Choose ‘confidence’ as your word of the year and focus on building a stronger sense of self.

Your Sign’s March 2021 Recharge

It’s a month for simply being “down” for whatever’s popping up and popping off.

Why Does Intuition Matter?

The one skill you need for a better 2021.
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How Your Sign Can Feel More Connected This February

There are so many ways to feel one another, even when we can’t touch.
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Your Sign’s Cosmic Cleanse for January

How your sign can simplify this January.
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