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Psychics, Reiki Healers and Other Mystics Share Their Predictions for 2022

We are in a time that requires faith and trust in life and humanity.

January 2022 Scopes: Your Sign’s Home Makeover

Here is your sign’s home design destiny for January.

Your Sign’s 2022 Forecast

Read on for your sign’s 2022 power pack.
November Tarotscope: What Your Sign Needs a Holiday From

November Tarotscope: What Your Sign Needs a Holiday From

Read on for your zodiac sign’s astral agenda this holiday season.

Your Sign’s September 2021 Tarotscope

The charge is led by the zodiac’s self-contained alchemist, Virgo.
Byron Bay, Australia - November 14, 2014: Printed photos capturing a person's "aura", or the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. The different colours are said to reveal a particular aspect of your personality.
Qigong practice for breathing, meditation and movement development tiny person concept. Inner peace and energy exercise as asian traditional culture vector illustration. Mental and physical wellness.
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How to Trust Yourself This July 

July’s cosmic invitations are fierce and firm.
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Advice From a Reiki Master: Ways to Shift Your Energy When You’re in a Funk

Here are some of our go-to ways to shift energy and feel more balanced.
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Your Sign’s Weekend Getaway for June

Read on for your sign’s weekend getaway for June, finding exhilaration in a little healthy escapism.