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Woman using stock trading app on mobile phone at home

The Best Financial Well-Being Apps

Mobile banking apps have become prolific over the last ten years.
Still life of Sunday Riley products on glass shelf

Spring Cleaning: Chic Solutions for Organizing Your Beauty Arsenal

Start by going through your products and setting aside the ones you don’t use.
collage of Sunday Riley products on green abstract background

B Corps: How They Aim to Create a Better World

We’re thrilled to be a part of the B Corp community.
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woman opening curtains to a morning view
Spring items and book on a picnic blanket

11 Spring Break Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

So good, you'll forget about mindless scrolling.
tarot cards and mineral stones

The Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Decks

Your next reading is in your hands.
film still "Mean Girls", directed by Mark Waters

Are You Raising Other Women Up? Or Bringing Them Down?

You’re only as strong as the woman next to you.
collage of two hands reaching for each other

9 Female-Founded Charities to Support for Women’s History Month

There are many ways to celebrate Women’s History Month.
collage of female entrepreneurs

16 Female Entrepreneurs on Making the Leap in 2022

For those who have been toying with the idea of entrepreneurism for a while.
Woman hiding face with knit hat
Still life shot of an empty crib in a nursery at home