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Portrait of Cynthia Rowley in the beach

A Perfect Sunday with Cynthia Rowley

In our new series, "A Perfect Sunday," we spotlight our favorite tastemakers and their ideal Sunday.
collage of Mallorca cityscape on blue background

The Sunday Edit’s Travel Guide to Mallorca

Here’s where to stay, what to eat, and what to do in Mallorca.
illustration of woman in bed with phone alarm

Master the Art of Napping with These Tips

Short naps when done correctly can reduce stress, boost productivity and inspire creativity.
Illustration of a businesswoman standing with a suitcase in front of a clock

Got a Long Flight? Here Are the Best Ways to Avoid Jet Lag

Here's how to make sure your travel plans don't get ruined by jet lag.
Interior of cozy bedroom at home

Eco-Friendly Ways to Summer-Proof Your Home

From choosing the right breathable fabric for your sheets to opting for a more energy-efficient A/C.
portrait of Carmen Rene in studio

Body-Positive Influencer Carmen Rene on Finding Your Super Powers

Carmen Rene is proud to take up space in this world — and wants others to feel the same.
woman outside carrying bag

10 Perfect Work Bags to Cure Your Back-to-Office Scaries

Your commute is about to get a lot more stylish.
group of women laughing at the beach

How to Plan a Wellness-Themed Bachelorette Party

Spa days? Hikes through nature? Smoothies? A wellness bachelorette party is up your alley.
model in red swimwear leaning on wall
still from Where the Crawdads sing movie
Dog sitting in his transporter

Flight Attendant-Approved Tips for Flying With Your Pet

Here's how to make traveling with your pet a little less stressful.