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CeCe Vu Wants to Know Your Skin’s Story

TikTok’s lead of fashion and beauty partnerships on six ways to find success on the app.

Language Lowdown: Why Phrases Like “I Feel Like” and “If That Makes Sense” Aren’t Actually Bad

In natural conversation, tag questions and hedges are not just signs of insecurity.

A Quick Q+A With Madeline Delp: COVID, Breaking Records, and Balancing Independence

Let's talk to the first woman in a wheelchair to ever make the Top 5 in a Miss USA state pageant. 
Paper cutout of modern laptop with speaking woman placed on table amidst cat and lamp during webinar in home office

7 Cloffice Ideas to Turn Your Closet Into a Home Workstation

From closet-sized desk setups to wall-mounted storage solutions and more.

The 5 Powerful Benefits of Becoming a Female Mentor

You make a considerable difference… for free.
Strong girls different nationalities and cultures sit near the big speech bubbles. Women's friendship, union of feminists or sisterhood. The concept of the female's empowerment movement.

9 Compliments for Women That Actually Aren’t That Empowering — and What to Say Instead

Check these nine “compliments” that don’t actually do what compliments should.

Scarlett Curtis on Feminism: “This Is My Self-Help”

The award-winning writer and activist shares her experiences on the feminist movement.
Spacious bedroom interior in beige and olive colour

8 Zen Bedroom Ideas to Help You Mellow Out at Home

From soothing color palettes to feng shui-friendly furniture arrangements.

13 Empowering Books to Read for International Women’s Day

Trust us, you’re going to want to add these to your reading list.
Happy couple drinking hot tea on a cold day

Everything You Need to Know About Friluftsliv — The Norwegian Concept of Getting Outdoors

It’s also important that friluftsliv can be enjoyed both socially and solo.
Sign in the window of a Portland, Oregon store saying that racism is a pandemic. Bringing attention to racists and systemic racism in America.
Woman taking photo of clothing with smartphone while shopping in boutique shop