Our skin needs TLC like the rest of us, so make your beauty routine count. Find out what skincare fads aren’t worth your time and get ideas for products, treatments, and more.

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The Expert-Approved Ways to Reverse Sun Damage

OTC and in-office treatments to tackle sun damage.
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Every Bad Sign Your Summer Skin Needs Some TLC

On a mission to protect your summer glow.
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9 Products That Shouldn’t Touch Your Pregnant Skin

Exactly what you should — and shouldn't — use on your skin when you're pregnant.
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Four droppers each with a different colored oil.
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Your Sensitive Skin Reset Plan

Dermatologists go through it step by step.
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Does SPF Strength Really Matter?

For those SPF 100 lovers out there.
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Everything You Wanted to Ask About Dry Skin

No, the answer is not to drink more water.
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Is Your Skincare Routine Causing Your Sensitivity?

Plus what exactly sensitive skin is (and isn’t).
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Dry Skin Gang: Humid Air is Your Best Friend

And how to capitalize on that extra moisture.
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Acids, Retinol and Sun Exposure – Should You Change Your Skincare Routine?

Put the myths to rest — it may actually be the best time to start.