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How to DIY a Harvest Moon Manicure for Halloween

An exclusive from celeb nail artist Julie Kandalec.
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Gel vs. Cream Moisturizer: Which One’s Right for You?

Plus, a hybrid option that can meet all your needs.
Lady Gaga attends the Premiere of A Star Is Born Arrivals

Chromecore Makeup Is in the Spotlight

Here's how to pull silver off in style.
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7 Sneaky Ways Your Hygiene Routine Is Working Against You

Turns out there is a “right” way to order your nighttime routine.
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Pimples and Pints: How Drinking Alcohol Affects Acne

The type and quantity of booze and mixers can make a difference.
Portrait of Jessie Quinn

How Growing Out My Natural Hair Color Helped Me Find My Authentic Self 

What began as one writer's quest to go back to her natural hair color turned into an experience that

How to Try the Hair Gem Trend

Add sparkle to your hairstyle.
woman applying serum to face
woman applying serum to hand

What Is Skin Cycling? Plus, How to Incorporate It Into Your Routine

It's designed to help you simplify your skincare routine.
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Elaine Huntzinger, Paris’ Go-To Skincare Expert, on the Art of the At-Home Facial

"An at-home facial allows you to take responsibility for your skin."