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Rainbow heart drawing on hands, LGBTQ love symbol, gay couple hand in hand, homoseaxual lovers

It’s Pride Month! Resources for the LGBTQ+ Community and Allies

Check out these sites, brands, organizations, and more to learn about the LGBTQ+ experience.
Happy Multiracial people celebrating gay pride event - Group of friends with different age and race fighting for gender equality rights

What to Expect at Your First Pride Parade

A handy, first-timer’s guide to all your Pride March-related questions.
Rear view of a female tourist walking on the street at Chinatown, facing a traditional Chinese style pavilion in Chinatown, London - with red coloured lantern hanging in the sky.
Back view of stylish African American woman in headphones listening to music and looking away while standing under umbrella on blurred background of city on rainy day

8 Beauty Podcasts With BIPOC Hosts

Diversify your beauty podcasts with these eight picks.
mothers day message

Why Befriending People of Different Ages is Vital in an Ageist Society

Mixing with different groups helps to break down stereotypes and decreases issues such as ageism.
Paper Flowers Bouquet
10-day old baby and her mother snuggle in bed together.

The Best Baby Shower Gifts That Show You’re Super-Thoughtful

The 14 baby gifts that parents will actually find useful.
girl walking by a brick building with a window looking at an office sign

A Linguist Breaks Down the Cringey Corporate Language We Can’t Stop Meme-ing

The author of Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism unpacks culty workplace buzzwords.
Mina Gerges photo

Four #BodyPos Advocates on Self-Love, Body Neutrality, and Confidence

And trust us — you'll want to add their new podcast to your rotation ASAP.
Colourful studio portrait of two women

13 Ways to Celebrate Being a Woman

Here, the effective ways to celebrate the unique person you are.