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Lindsay Tigar

Lindsay Tigar is a seasoned travel and lifestyle journalist, content strategist and editor with more than a decade of experience. She reports feature stories for a myriad of leading publications and websites — from Travel + Leisure and Vogue to USA Today, Fast Company, Reader’s Digest and many more. She investigates a range of topics, including travel and hospitality, career and entrepreneurism, health, fitness and relationships. In addition to her journalism work, she consults various organizations on their editorial, content and SEO strategies.
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Black Female Leaders on How to Be an Ally in the Office

Bring Black colleagues into the conversation.
Book for MLK day
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Why It’s Important to Take Back Your Control in 2021

If you are feeling uncertain, afraid or frustrated, these strategies may help.
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Why Self-Care Goals Matter

And how to make them for 2021.
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How to Know What Healthy Eating Challenge Is Right for You in January

We spoke with celebrity chef and certified nutritionist to analyze popular regimens.
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A British-Bangladeshi woman smiles as she reads a book and has a cup of tea while sitting on a white sofa next to a window in a flat in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Yes, You Should Still Take Time Off, Even If You Aren’t Going Anywhere

Career coaches and therapists on why you should go ahead and reserve your time off ASAP.
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Socially-Distanced Holiday Party Guide

Keep everyone safe, merry and distantly-mingling.
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9 Gifts That Connect Across The Miles

9 Gifts That Connect Across The Miles

Send thoughful far and wide.
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