Authored by Drew Carlos

Drew Carlos

Drew Carlos received her BA in Communications from Washington and Lee University and attended the Columbia Publishing Course following her graduation in 2015. She was a founding member of the Sunday Edit and has a passion for all things beauty.
A woman stretching in workout clothes.

Anxiety Affects Your Muscles, Here’s How to Fix It

Muscle health starts before you hit the gym.
Still life of woman's beauty products from above.

The Detox That Cleared Up My Acne

And what it taught me about myself.
Several people walk under a white arch that reads "Welcome" on both sides and in the middle "CosmoProf North America Las Vegas."

5 Cutting-Edge Trends Uncovered at Top Beauty Convention

It takes a lot to stand out in a crowd of 1,400.
A woman with sunglasses on from the Chloé Carlina Spring Summer 2019 campaign.
A triptych of three woman in swimsuits.
A young woman reading a book on a dock.

On the Hunt for the Book of the Summer

Bestselling author gives up corporate world for romance. (Spoiler: It works out.)
A triptych of three bags on a beach background.

A Roundup of the Bags You Need for Your SPF

From neighborhood pool to the South of France.
Caroline Daur wears sunglasses, a black blazer jacket, a belt, a necklace, jewelry, black shorts, a bag, and leather shoes in Paris, June 23, 2019.

My Personal Athleisure Lookbook, Since You Asked

Give them something to really talk about.
A hand holding a syringe in front of a pink background.

Botox Has its First Competitor in a Decade

But will it really be cheaper?
A scene from Pixar's Toy Story 4.
A triptych of an acrylic purse, a woman wearing an orange print dress, and hoop earrings on a purple, pink and blue background.