Authored by Elise Tabin

Elise Tabin

Elise Minton Tabin is an award-winning beauty journalist, editor, and beauty expert with more than 16 years of experience. She previously held the title of Executive Beauty Editor at NewBeauty magazine for 13 years, where she oversaw and reported on all things beauty, plastic surgery, anti-aging, health, and wellness. She was also instrumental in the launch and continual growth of the beauty supplement brand, Hush & Hush. She has been featured on Extra TV, WPTV, and WPLG, on satellite tours, and as a featured expert in Perricone MD infomercials. When she’s not unearthing the newest beauty trend, Elise spends her time consulting with beauty brands, freelance writing, and creating Instagram and Tik Tok content for both herself and beauty and wellness brands. Elise currently lives in Boca Raton, FL with her husband, daughter, and dog, Franklin.
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