The post-war revolution led women  to find new ways to express  themselves freely. And because of the lack of eligible men after WWI, getting “noticed” became a priority.

Take a look at how the makeup, skincare, hair, and nail industries changed.

The 1920's was a turning point for women when it came to beauty.


Lipstick, kohl-rimmed eyes, deep browns and purple eyeshadows worn from the lid to the brow.

There weren’t foundations or concealers a century ago, but there were powders; Jonteel was one of the most-used brands.


Cold cream, the effects of UV rays on skin and the idealization of youth all started in the '20s. 


Though it was shocking at first, the bob became less radical by the middle of the ‘20s, and by the end, it was the norm.

And you thought nail art was a modern thing?  Nope, women of the ‘20s also had nail designs, some even choosing to have their friends’ portraits painted on.